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This Website is mainly dedicated to the Rapture of the Church - The Day of the Lord - The Wrath of the Messiah, the Only Begotton Son of the Great God Jehovah (YAWAH).

​​ God is not the author of confusion, but man has done a masterful job of creating confusion when it comes to this subject.

Let us start with the acceptance that God does not lie. Now accept that all the Scriptures, especiall those that pertain to the Rapture, are also true. In the Bible, we can find ourselves reading of three possibilities.

​There will be a Pre-Tribulation rapture, a Mid-Tribulation rapture, and a Post-Tribulation rapture. Herein lies the confusion. The answer is simple. The Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib and Post-Trib views are all true, but there will be only one Rapture. Do not miss it. Your life depends on it.

Notice: If there are no commercial involment, you are free to use whatever you wish from this website. All I ask is that you please give credit where credit is due.
Israeli Heat

The distant hills, flat desert shrubs, everything, it all danced before his eyes. The chief of the Wongo's blinked his eyes in rapid succession. The dancing stopped. Marou then wiped his eyes. The black outcrops of shale magnified the heat of the Southern Sudan. Sharpening his vision he caught sight of shimmering white-topped mountains. The snow covered mountaintops lifted, dropped, vanished, and reappeared in the rising heat. Suddenly images bloomed larger than life. Safetly lay insight, maybe 100 kilometers away, yet perilously far. Still he felt confident and hopeful. Even the terrain grew richer with life. Two days ago the shrub country his people traveled through...​​

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The Last Angel

Bruce Crum winced from the sound of the blaring music as he looked again at the spotted rear window on the television monitor. The van's window was out of his control; his cousin's music was not. The Southern gospel choir singing Handel's Messiah reverberated inside the walls until the window danced. Les needs to be more discreet.
"You know better," he mouthed angrily, not wanting to add to the imagined sounds being heard on the outside. "If the boss hears of this, we'll be in for it."
"Adjust your focus, Crum," Les Hollen countered with a laugh. He lowered the sound with his remote, and studied the television image. At the same time his right hand bounced in tune with the now subdued music as if it held a baton.
Bruce shook his head in exasperation. He was getting too old for this line of work...To read more of this exciting adventure, Click Here.

From hunter to hunted, Pete took things into his own hands. Now trouble is seeking him out. Then two Rabbis and a bunch of kids entered his life...Now his world has changed forever.

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